Legal Aid Services

Montreal Legal Counsel, Notary & Attorney

  • Real Estate Law Transactions
  • Non-contentious procedures
  • Estate Settlement

Promise or offer to purchase, Deed of Sale, Transfer, Gift, Exchange, Servitude, Right of use, Emphyteusis, Family residence, Mortgage financing and refinancing (movable and immovable), Legal hypothec, Suretyship, Transfer of rank, Sale under judicial authority, Notice of address, Acquittance and Release

Homologation of a Mandate, Institution of Protective Supervision, Probate of a Will, Tutorship to a Minor, Adoption, Appointment of a Liquidator, Prescription, Judicial Discharge, Correction of Register of Civil Status, Etc.

Appointment of Succession Liquidator, Renunciation or Resignation of Office by Succession Liquidator, Renunciation of Rights of a Succession, Renunciation in favorem, Succession Inventory, Declarations of transmission, Rendering of account, Deed of partition, Etc.